Before & after photos

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Before and after photos

The photos demonstrate how the techniques improve appearance & promote Facial Rejuvenation. 



The photo on the left was taken just before a set of 6 treatments, and the one on the right taken just after completion ot the 6th treatment

 At any age the rejuvenation process can be started, it helps to rejuvenate and helps to delay the effects of age, leaving you to feel and look your maximum best

The massage alone releases the tensions within the muscles, to reveal a much more relaxed and toned face



You have to experience a treatment to fully appreciate why this technique works so well.  The face is worked on systematically so that at the half way point on your first visit you can look in a mirror to see what effects have taken place.  Clients are given comments by friends and family who are really impressed with the results. Seeing really is believing!

This form of facial massage is like ironing with your fingers.  By using repetitive movements along each wrinkle and working on the underlying facial muscles, it can help to iron out age-related changes.

There are dozens of muscles in your face which contract to reveal different expressions.  If those expressions become habitual the muscles may become 'locked' into the expression that you make the most.  This massage helps to release those patterns.  Once the tension has been successfully ironed away you become more aware of your facial muslcles and what may have become a habit over the years, such as frowning too much, will all become much easier to release through massage, and restore mobility which we all have when younger.

The massage works on crows feet, laughter lines and can help slow down ageing.  Wrinkles and expression lines can diminish and skin becomes softer, the complexion and skin tone improve, baggines, sagginess and puffiness are reduced and the elasiticity will return to your face as tension floats away.