Treatments & Prices

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Treatments & Prices

To book a treatment of any of the following please either: 

ring 07949 387536 or go to contact page for email address


TREATMENTS - You can mix & match any of the following treatments the for the time you require:


CHOOSE :        30 mins. 60 mins. 90 mins. 120 mins.


This means that you can have either an extended version of any of the treatments or you can mix and match any of the treatments, just let me know when booking an appointment




 Cost:       30 mins - £27      60 mins - £50     90 mins - £70    120 mins - £90 

There is an additional cost for mobile treatments to visit you in your own home, please enquire for cost to travel to you.

Group bookings at your place of work for a minimum of 4 people.




Based in Blackheath, South East London SE3

Mobile treaments available to homes, the work environment & corporate  events, please enquire for prices                      

NATURAL FACE LIFT MASSAGE  - Also  known as Indian Face Massage & Facial Rejuvenation


Extremely deeply relaxing therapy that concentrates on the face and neck using special movements to help lift tired muscles and rejuvenate the skin by allowing natural oils to flow again to produce wonderfully conditioned skin.  Lie on a couch or recline in a chair for this treatment. By freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue, you can see a difference after the first treatment!   Good for: Rejuvenation, deep relaxation, gives muscles a new lease of life, conditions the skin, relaxes the mind and senses, so you totally unwind, defines the contours of your face and promotes a feeling of confidence.

Why not try one of the natural deep cleanse facials on offer to accompany your treatment:

Jasmine, Coconut & Rose Facial - Organic coconut oil for a deep cleanse, Jasmine facial scrub to exfoliate, followed by a soothing Rose facial massage & toner, this aromatic facial leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Milk & Honey Facial - Using warmed milk to deeply cleanse applied with a gentle massage followed by a gentle exfoliating scrub then Honey to deeply rehydrate, refresh, balance and tone your skin and senses.

Honey & Cupping Facial - Using Honey combined with cupping techniques over a light oil, to bring about a deep cleanse that revitalises by drawing out any impurities whilst toning your muscles and leaves you with beautifully pampered skin.



INDIAN  CHAMPISSAGE - Indian Head Massage - A  seated massage  of the shoulders, arms, neck, head and  face.  This detailed massage releases knots and nodules that accumulate in the upper body, so helps to ease stress, eye strain, insomnia, tension headaches & sinusitis.  Impproves joint mobility and circulation that promotes the elimination of toxins and increases the suppply of oxygen to cells to aid concentration.  Encourages healthy hair by loosening of the scallp.  This method can be used with or without oils ( you can choose to either have oils or not)  Good for:  Total relaxation. insomnia, better mobility in shoulders and neck, release of knots and nodules in muscles.  Leaves you feeling relaxed, yet alert & rebitalised with a deep sense of peace and tranquility.

Mongolian Koyashai Foot MassageTM & Korean Hand Massage techniques can be combined to make an amazing treatment to refresh tired feet, hands & eyes leaving you totally renewed! 


MONGOLIAN  KOYASHAI  FOOT & EYE MASSAGE  - A massage of the feet and upper face/area surrounding the eyes.  Within Mongolian Ayurveda, the feet are massaged to enhance the health of the eyes. This also has a wonderful rejuvenating effect on the eyes. The treatment is slow and meditative and deeply relaxing. Good for: Rejuvenating tired feet and eyes, reducing the effects of stress around the eyes leading to a smoother appearance, and enhances a deep feeling of well being.    


KOREAN  HAND MASSAGE - A massage of the hand and arms. Every joint in the hand represents a joint in the body.  It is a totally unique alternative to hand reflexology, and is used throughout Korea by many people on a regular basis, a detailed massage of the hands and arms   Good for:  Relaxation, enhancing overall health and balancing the energies within the body.  Increases flexibility and prevents conditions such as RSI.  Supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


MONGOLIAN HOT MILK MASSAGEThis treatment has been practised in Mongolia for hundreds of years, and can be used as a full body treatment.  This an Ayurvedic treatment to balance the three energies of the body and is also used as a beauty ritual to prepare brides for marriage. It has many therapeutic qualities.   Good for:  Increase of circulation Increases lymphatic drainage & removal of waste products,  has a beneficial effect physiologically, nourishes, softens and moisturises the skin to feel silky smooth.    


TIBETAN ACCUPRESURE HEAD MASSAGE - You lie on a couch or recline in a chair for massage of the head neck and shoulders. This massage has all the benefits of a seated head massage but is performed with the recipient in a reclined position. A gentle massage that concentrates on the marma points (vital energy meeting points) opening up energy channels that helps to release tension promoting better circulation for improved health.  Oils are used with this method       Good for: Deep relaxation, better circulation – feel alert and revitalised. 


RUSSIAN HONEY & CUPPING MASSAGE - By creating suction and negative pressure, cupping massage is a deep tissue massage used to stimulate the peripheral nervous system, bring blood flow to stagnant muscles, loosen adhesions and drain excess fluid and toxins, can also be used on cellulite. Massage with cups is used prior to performing honey massage by increasing circulation to the skin, so that toxins are more easily absorbed by the honey and the beneficial nutrients of the honey are more easily absorbed by the an ancient treatment that has been practised in Asia and eastern European countries for hundreds of years. Honey is applied to the skin then massaged until it becomes sticky, then it is worked using special techniques until the consistency changes and white pellets appear on the skin surface. These pellets are believed to be toxins and salts that have been drawn from the body and have been absorbed into the honey. Good for: Toxin release, this technique can also be used on the face,  In addition, beneficial nutrients from the honey are transferred to the body’s tissues and the skin is left feeling nourished and moisturised. 

 AYURVEDIC  FACE  MASSAGE (MukhaAbhyanga) - Integrated Ayurvedic Face Massage originating from The Natural Face Lift Massage pioneered by the London Centre of Indian Champissage International, The LCICI have now developed a unique massage working on facial muscles, and neck marma points with nourishing oils. Good for: Oils help to stimulates the facial marmas (Vital Points) and helps to improve circulation and skin tone and helps create a ‘Lift’ to facial muscles. This massage can be used as part of an anti-ageing treatment and also can be easily adapted into the Full Body Massage  


AYURVEDIC HEAD  MASSAGE  - Seated massage of the shoulders, arms, neck, head and face(Shirobhyanga) The head contains many marmas, or energy centres. Blockages in the head area can affect the whole body and therefore balancing of the head marmas can enhance the whole being. Shirobhyanga massage will focus on the arms, shoulders, neck, and head. Good for: Suitable for clients suffering from headaches, insomnia, stress and anxiety. Can help to improve vision, both on a physical and intuitive level and thus restore balance and harmony while enhancing the immune system. Leaves you feeling relaxed and revitalised.



Using circular and stroking movements, the back of a 3 metalled bowl combined with Ghee or oil is used to rub on the soles of the feet, clients really enjoy the warm, soothing feeling of the Kansa Vatki bowl. More importantly, the Kansa Vatki bowl can offer many health benefits like relaxing tired feet, improving joint mobility, promoting sound sleep, and relieving eyestrain, also helps in balancing doshas of Ayurveda that regulate body functions.Good for: Better circulation, helps in the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, induces sound sleep, calms the body and Increases prana (life force energy) helps to restore and balance the bodys innate energy Leaves you feeling like you are walking on air! 


AYURVEDIC  -  Full Body Massage - Ayurveda is the name given to the ancient Indian science of life. Ayur = life Veda = knowledge.  Originating 4000 years ago & believed to be the oldest health system known.  Ayurveda is also known throughout Asia, including  Tibet & Mongolia  Using Oils that are chosen according to one’s ‘dosha’ (your body type) An initial consultation to determine which ‘dosha’ you are Vata, Pitta or Kapha – or, you may be a combination of these.  This is an ancient Indian therapy, invigorating and revitalising, to maintain health and help the body expel toxins to cleanse and regulate the whole system to maintain better digestion and so help your health in general  Good for: relaxation, detoxification, fatigue, anxiety, strengthens the immune system   


Swedish massage has a very good detoxifying effect by increasing the speed by which the cells of the body eliminate their waste materials, by allowing the body to absorb more oxygen which helps the body rejuvenate. It stretches the ligaments and tendons to keep them supple and mobile.  This massage is both invigorating and very relaxing. Good for:  Stimulating the skin and nervous system while soothing the nerves at the same time, thus reducing stress while promoting health and well being.


Reflexology is a pressure point technique applied to the feet on areas where all internal organs and body structures are mirrored in miniature.  Reflexology is a non invasive treatment which helps the body to maintain a delicate balance between the bodies systems. This can enhance health in corresponding areas.  The feet – like the face and hands – are like a mirror of your body. By working on the feet alone this can enhance a feeling of vitality and well being.  Good for: Better circulation, increase of energy, relaxation, stress relief 


Please note: Cancellations and missed appointments with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at full rate