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Other Courses Available:

Russian Honey & Cupping Massage - One Day Course  Including cupping for body and face  Cost: £150
Traditionally Honey & Cupping are performed together, they are both massage treatments in their own right & can be used separately, either as treatments on their own or to enhance existing massage therapies.
Honey Massage: Has been practised in Asia & Eastern European countries for hundreds of years. Honey is applied to the skin then massaged until it becomes sticky, then it is worked using special techniques until the consistency changes and white pellets appear on the skin susrface.  These pellets are believed to be toxins & salts that have been drawn from the body & have been absorbed into the honey.  In addition, beneficial nutrients from the honey are transferred to the body's tissues and the skin is left feeling nourished & moisturised.  Following a treatment clients feel invigorated & recharged.  This treatment goes so much deeper that massage alone.  Honey Massage is becoming more and more popular in the UK.
Cupping Massage: Although most commonly associated nowadays with Chinese medicine, cupping & cupping massage has been practised in nearly every country and on every continent at one time or another & was regularly practised in the UK until the early 1800's.  By creating suction & negative pressure, cupping massage is a deep tissue massage used to stimulate the peripheral nervous system, bring blood flow to stagnant muscles, loosen adhesions & drain excess fluid & toxins absorbed by the skin.  The method used requires no use of heat with the cups, n& uses the sliding cup method over oil on the skin, so no round marks are left on the skin as with methods where the cups are left stationary.
Another beneficial aspect of cupping massage is its use in therapist injury prevention.  This method allows rest for the hands from repetitive movement & enables the therapist to get deeper without discomfort to the client or themselves.  Increasingly popular with sports therapists and anyone who is practising deep tissue massage.  Both you & your client experience a difference














Mongolian Koyashai MassageTM & Korean Hand Massage - Gain 2 Certificates in One Day  Cost: £150 

PART 1  KOREAN HAND MASSAGE TM  - In Korea, this treatment is used by thousands of people to treat the minor ailments of themselves and their families, it is so simple to learn, and a totally unique alternative to hand reflexology.  Every joint in the hand represents a joint in the body and the therapy is an especially good treatment for muscuar skeletal problems. It is very relaxing and helps hands to look their best.

This treatment is becoming increasingly popular with nail technicians

The course includes:                                                                            


  • History and Philosophy of Korean Hand Massage
  • Contraindications
  • Conditions of the hand  

PART 2  MONGOLIAN KOYASHAI FOOT MASSAGE TM Mongolian Koyashai Massage is a treatment of two areas of the body - the feet and the eyes/upper face. It is performed with the client lying fully clothed on a treatment table, but can be adapted for use on a reclining chair, such as a Lafuma Reflexology chair.  Literally translated, Koyashai means 'Sun and Moon' and although it forms part of a Mongolian full body massage, each component can be pracctised separately.  Influences are drawn from Mongolian Ayurveda, and also from a much older shamanic philosophy.  Within Ayurveda by massaging the feet this has a beneficial effect on the health of the eyes.  The treatment is slow and meditative and deeply relaxing which has a rejuvenating effect on the senses, and especially around the eyes creating a 'natural eye lift'    The course includes:

  • Principles and philosophy of Mongolian Massage and Acupressure
  • Principles and philosophy of Tengriism
  • Use of oils
  • Contraindications
  • Conditions of the foot

    The course is suitable for beginners or experienced therapists, including  Reflexologists, Reiki practitioners, holistic therapists, beauty therapists and spa technicians Accredited by the IPTI, PBT, FHT



Mongolian Hot Milk Massage - One Day Course Cost: £150

This treatment has been practised in Mongolia for hundreds of years, and can be used as a full body treatment.

This an Ayurvedic treatment to balance the three energies of the body and is also used as a beauty ritual to prepare brides for marriage.

It has many therapeautic qualities which include:   

  • Increase of circulation                                                               
  • Increases lymphatic drainage & removal of waste products             
  • Has a beneficial effect physiologically                                          
  • Nourishes, softens and moisturises the skin to feel silky smooth